Wednesday, January 10, 2007

a new decade

My birthday is today, the seventieth! Sounds SO old! Doesn't feel that way. A very interesting phenomenon. A friend, who also celebrates her birthday today, and I were observing how fast the years fly by now--and remembering how far one birthday was from the next when we were young. And how you don't feel the same age inside as you are outside!
Every year I get very unsettled inside myself between Christmas and my birthday. It seems to be related to the chaos that develops in the house from all the Christmas preparations--though now we do little in the way of decorations. So I celebrated today by cleaning out the refirgerator and freezer! Maybe it will get me going on other cleaning projects I had in mind to do while Jim is away.
I also loaded the kiln to do a bisque firing. But I found when I got to the top of the kiln that it was pretty light there so I have postponed the firing while I make a few more test tiles and a lid for a pot that got dried before I made the lid--I do have measurements to work from.
The real highlight of the day was lunch with two of my sons--the oldest and the youngest--and one of my beautiful daughters-in-law! I am so fortunate in having such a wonderful family. Each of my boys is a great expression of his own unique potential. I can't help but feel very proud and very blessed. And I have such lovely daughters-in-law, each a wonderful mother and dear wife. How could one want for more?

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