Saturday, February 03, 2007

back in class

After the visit with my sisters, Thursday I was back in class at SSAC. In this class we are focusing on the attachments to our pieces: feet, handles, lids and such. We have started with the feet—in the class I missed they experimented with attaching feet to some bisqued pieces we had made at the first class. Last night we were making plaster molds for sprig-feet. Diana had told me to make some pieces to add feet to—so at class I made 3 or 4 largish pots. And I made some clay forms for the plaster foot molds.

Friday those pieces were ready for trimming and attaching feet. Diana wants us to push our comfort zone—be outrageous—then we can retreat to a more comfortable realm but will have expanded in the process. I can’t say that I am pushing the envelop but I am putting feet on things I never would have otherwise—and I like some of what has come of the experiment!

I took a little side-step yesterday at the SSAC studio. I saw someone had been making sprig molds from small plastic animals and insects—lizards, beetles, frogs and such. And I was intrigued. So I began making my own molds from the box of plastic toys sitting out on a work table. (Sprig: clay is forced into the mold and then pressed against a wet clay piece to which it becomes attached, leaving the raised form on the pottery piece.) Dennis, director of the ceramics studio and program, came out and began working—it was his work that I was admiring. He graciously showed me how to make the molds and how to attach them to greenware. Really, I should not have gotten into his work and certainly he had no obligation to take the time to demonstrate all the steps to successful transfer. I was both grateful and a little embarrassed! He is always very gracious and generous.

This evening I made my first ‘box’—from a completely enclosed form. I cut the top off and with a little trimming had the lid. It is very small—made form 1# of clay—but nice and I think tomorrow I will try making a larger one.
All in all, it has been a good start for getting back into the studio and producing some work.

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