Monday, February 26, 2007

a beautiful day

Such a beautiful day! I was in the studio setting-up for a big day at the wheel. My son, Justin, had called to say he and his wife and baby son were going out to the lake. Jim decided he should go and show them around a bit—really he loves any excuse to go out there. Suddenly I decided that it was such a beautiful day that I should go along to enjoy the day, get a little sun and enjoy my family! And I did enjoy it all—until I stumbled crawling through a fence, tried to catch myself by grabbing a cedar fence post which stabbed the palm of my left hand. It did not bleed much but I knew it was a deep wound. I could not clean it well, we put some ointment on it and covered with a bandage. On the way home I decided I need to go to a clinic to have it checked and cleaned. Four and half hours later I left the emergency room with several stitches and a boxing-glove looking bandage.

No clay work for a while! However, the doctor said I could be back at the wheel in 7 to 10 days. Well, it was a beautiful day to be out at the lake!

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