Saturday, March 03, 2007

wounded-hand hand-building

I went to class on Thursday evening-but was not much help with the kiln loading as none thought a one-handed loader was trust-worthy! But I had another plan for the evening anyway! I wanted to roll out some slabs on the school's wonderful slab-roller. I thought I could make some sushi plates if I had the slabs already prepared. Lyn Woods graciously helped me as I have not used the slab roller enough to remember exactly what to do! I came home with 2 nice size slabs to work with.

Friday morning I made two sushi plates using the wooden plate former I got from Japanese Tools on the web. I used my Japanese stamps to decorate the surfaces and matching springs for the feet. And I used the rough edge of a broken shelf to press into the edges of the plates to give them a rough hewn look. That was all I could do yesterday as I had a lunch date with Justin and an afternoon-evening date with his son Reed (aka babysitting).

Today I made two more of the sushi plates--same style using different stamps and sprigs. I painted all the bottoms with a mixture of red iron oxide, frit 3134 and epk.

I must say that having a palm wound is the least incapacitating wound I've ever had. It seems that the only thing I have to avoid is direct pressure on the palm or stretching my hand out over-extended. I have had no problem working with the slabs today. As Diana said, "maybe the stigmata is over-rated"!

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