Wednesday, March 28, 2007

working on it

Monday I realized that my class at SSAC is almost ending and I am supposed to be able to present 4 of my best pieces for a class criticism! I don't have 4 pieces to present. So I began trying to get something ready to offer to the class criticism. It has raised more questions in my mind than solutions to the challenge. But I have some green pieces ready to go into a bisque firing this week and, hopefully, into a glaze firing the next week--in time for the last class!

Since I like my green pieces better than my glazed ones I will put in some pictures of what I've produced this week.

Both of these casseroles are about the same size--about 10" wide before firing (and shrinking).

The next piece is much smaller and is my 'fun' piece. It is about 4" tall. I might call it "Cinderella's coach".

I've also made about a dozen 'rice bowls' and an experimental piece that I have my fingers crossed for. Actually, I've been pretty busy in the studio this week!

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