Sunday, March 11, 2007

joys and frustrations

I worked pretty hard yesterday and today trying to get a load of glazed work ready to fire before I leave for NCECA. I mixed up some glaze tests yesterday and even got the test glazes onto the new test tiles and carefully positioned into the box ready for firing. I am excited about that project!

Today I spent several hours glazing the pots just out of the bisque firing. But I am pretty discouraged about that work. Glazing is so hard for me. It is not that I have mastered the throwing part, but I love doing it and am always convinced that the next piece will be just right. But I don’t have any of those feeling about my glazing. It seems I always get it either too thin or too thick—never hit a happy medium! I would love to find some help or directive for glazing. It is not recipes that I need—got lots of those. But I do need help with application technique. And I can’t visualize what would be appealing by looking at a pot and at my glazes. Perhaps one solution is to plan to refire—do a coat of cone 6 glaze, fire it, then decorate with a low fire overglaze and refire. Maybe I could build up something I would like that way.

I don’t think I am going to get that kiln load ready for firing tomorrow. It will have to wait untill I return from NCECA.

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