Monday, March 19, 2007

home from NCECA

It is good, being home again. I came home full of ideas and inspirations. Went out to my studio this morning and was about to get into a big throwing session--all good things begin with throwing, in my book! But got scared that it might be too soon as there is still a small scab on the hand-wound of 2 weeks ago and I am out of protective gloves. So off I went in search of gloves--and some kind of organizational set-up to hold my tools. I am so tired of having to hunt for the tool I want but which is not at hand. And, too, I have those nice tools I bought at NCECA and want to have a 'handy place' to keep them safe and at hand. So here it is mid afternoon and I have not thrown a thing! But I'm on my way.

At NCECA I fell in love with the Korean "punch'ong" (in Japanese it is mashima) a process of decoration using stamps, over painted with slip, then the slip is wiped away leaving only the stamped impressions filled with slip against another colored background. I bought a few small stamps from a Korean site promoting the biennial ceramic celebration in Korea. I am very eager to throw some bowls to practice the technique on. I have done a little of this at the Southwest School of Art and Craft and know that it will take a LOT of practice to be able to do what I dream of doing with these little stamps.

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