Tuesday, March 13, 2007

some good news

I unloaded the kiln tonight--when I should have been packing (so it will be a late night before an early take-off to Louisville)! I was happy with some of what came out of the kiln. Two of the shushi plates are nice--two were pretty ugly! But I'm very happy with one and pleased with the other.

The one I really like is the turquoise with brown rim. I am happy with the tan one because it has no glazing flaws.

But what I am really happy with is the test tile box! I think it is great--and the tiles came out great with the glazes on them.

The other 5 tiles have combinations of these glazes with a rutile glaze. Interesting stuff and promises lots of good experimenting to follow.
I had some problems with glazing technique--but no problems from the glaze/clay interaction--and that is a big relief! So I am inspired to do a lot more work with the glazes and glazing when I get back home!

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