Sunday, January 04, 2009

on schedule

I spent some time Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday getting ready to "open" the studio tomorrow. By gosh, I am ready! Took several hours on Thursday just to get the leaves swept out of the studio! (Our studio--formerly the garage--is also the laundry room and the thorough-fare for getting to the cars--now parked in the added-on carport--so that even when we are not using the studio the space is in use. Every time either of the doors is opened leaves blow in if there is any wind at all.) Then I went through my part of the studio straightening out and organizing tools and paraphernalia. I pugged clay this afternoon so the clay is ready to go and I laid out some molds that I want to use tomorrow for starters!

Last week I found some plastic 'boxes' designed for tree ornament storage that I am excited about. I've been wanting to make some 'cubby-hole boxes' to put tea bowls into. I have even wondered if I could make them. The plastic storage boxes looked just like a great substitute--but, alas, they are a little too small and, of course, not as nice as wooden boxes. I am going to use these to hold my small glaze test bowls--most of them fit in the little cubbies. But it still leaves me wishing for the wooden boxes that would hold tea bowls.

Compare that to Betsy Williams' in her studio/gallery in Dixon, New Mexico:

She built her's. I am a great fan of Betsy's work.


Patricia Griffin said...

The plastic ones look like they could work for my little dipping bowls... Can I ask where you got it?... The wooden display box is definitely the very best. I want one!

Ron said...

Hi Gay,
So glad to hear you'll be back in the studio. I look forward to seeing what your up to and hope you'll have some time to keep us up to date here on the blog. I've missed you.
I do love those wooden cubicles.
I'll be checking in often.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Patricia, The plastic box is from the Container Store. They won't be out long since it is for Christmas Tree ornament storage.
Check out Betsy Williams' site. I think you will like her work and especially check her 'little bowls'. she does wonderful work and does EVERYTHING herself--built her own kiln, built her own house--those little boxes must be a snap for her!

chaetoons said...

Thumbs up Gay! Glad you're back in the studio.
On the "boxes". If there's time, you might try a goodwill/thrift store. Lotza times they have these type of items.

Judy Shreve said...

Gay - I'm really excited for you - to be back in your studio & look forward to seeing your work.

cookingwithgas said...

I know it feels really good to be back in your studio- I am almost there myself!
I am ready!
Best of luck!

Patricia Griffin said...

Thanks for the suggestions Gay!