Wednesday, January 28, 2009

tortoise here

Glad there is no race! I'm slow--but hopefully I'll get there finally! I have just started a glaze firing--first in a long time! It is full of 'tests'--squares of clay to see if I can improve the vitrification of my clay by the addition of some material to lower the maturing temperature; also several small pieces with some glazes I mixed up a while back and had tested on tiles.

I also painted some designs on the small test pieces to see how the stain mixture I have will work on the glazes. Hope there is some success in this firing--I was not happy with much of anything in the last glaze firing. In the photos below the test tile shows the underlying glaze and the design I applied.

The lesson I am trying to accept and work with is that I am not going to have lots of time to be in the studio. My work is going to be piece-mill. I just have to find a way to work within the constraints I have here. I just have to be more disciplined about my time that I really want to be!

I wish I could get a handle on my glazes. I wish i had a palette of glazes that I am comfortable with, that I know how to combine/overlap. Right now I have about a dozen large tubs of glazes and about 2 dozen small tubs (2 cups) of test glazes. But there are very few of these that I feel attached to. It seems that I am a glaze junkie--always looking forward to the next great, perfect glaze!

Well, so much for apologetics!


Ian said...

These are beautiful, Gay.

cookingwithgas said...

keep reaching and you will get there- the reason you are doing this is to not be stuck in one rut- exploring will keep things lively for you. Some great glazes-

Judy Shreve said...

Gay - your pieces look great. I think you have to test 100's of glazes before you really have a palette to call your own. And I know some potters who test in every glaze firing.

Oh the things we potters have to do . . . .

chaetoons said...

Glad to see you back.
Your pieces are lovely and will be looking forward to seeing how they come out of the kiln.
There are 2 different links on claygallimaufry which take you to Alisa Clauson's data basis. She's quite thorough with her explanations !!! Her glazes have worked well for me. They would-a worked better if i had not modified her ^10 glazes trying for ^6 ....
When my children were young and i found that there just wasn't enough time - i used to work on my own pursuits until 3am, then sleep til they awoke in the morning . . . would that work for you?
Heaps of Hugs

Sister Creek Potter said...

Such good friends--what great support! Thanks, all!

Chae, when your kids were young you were young too--at least when my kids were young, I was young too. Different story these days! Almost all my days end with un-done to-dos just because I have not adjusted to how much less I can do in a day than I could do not so very long ago! But thanks for the suggestion. Gay

Sister Creek Potter said...
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chaetoons said...

Ain't that the truth Gay !!!
I was young then! and energy is definately a factor as age intrudes. I forget that sometimes. Probably a subconscious desire to believe i'm as good as i ever was.
Sometimes still, i try to push the envelope but a day later find myself in a zombie state merely functioning.
Sorry about that. My mind still comes up with youthful solutions which my bod no longer tolerates. Should-a thought that one thru ...!

chaetoons said...

Charan just left a message on my blog about Mylar paper. Don't buy any for i'll bet you already have some around the house !!!