Saturday, May 05, 2007

glazing all day

and not finished yet. I began setting up my spray tables in the car port and carrying out the pots and some glazes yesterday. I thought I'd do the spray glazing today. But I spent the whole day glazing in the studio. The small pots I can dip-glaze in the studio. It is the larger ones that have to be sprayed. The piece I am most eager to fire is the bowl with the cut-out design around the rim. But I have to fill the kiln before I can glaze it! And it is one that will be spray-glazed.

I am also still making test tiles of the glazes I have on hand. I have such a long list of glazes that I have tested--yet still have not been able to select a few to be my basic palette. I think life will be much easier for me when I do have an established palette. But I can't make it over the hurtle--deciding on those 5 or 6 glazes. Like trying to decide on the menu a week ahead of the party--just can't do it until there is no more time to consider possibilities. What will be the circumstance that pushes me into a choice?

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