Wednesday, May 02, 2007

rain, rain, go away

come again some other day. We don't expect to be thinking such thoughts here in Texas. But we have had an incredible amount of rain this spring. I think it was Monday that we got 4 inches of rain in less than an hour. And I think I had 2 inches in my studio! The pedal for my electric wheel was sitting in water before I discovered the flood out there. It is not working properly yet--but it is working and I can adjust it if it does not get well all by itself!

In the meantime, I am doing another bisque firing. Usually I do alternate firings: bisque then glaze then bisque, etc. But I wanted to glaze the carved bowl so I've done a second bisque. Now I need for it to stop raining so I can glaze these pots. I will be spraying the glaze on most of the pots--and I do that outside--which I can't do if it is going to rain. It was bright and sunny a few minutes ago but is grey and dreary looking now. It is expected to rain more today.

I got the gift of a glaze booth last week. With that I could be glazing inside as it has a fan that draws the over-spray and fumes outside. BUT it is not yet installed--and won't be until I have a more permanent studio. Jim managed to install an air conditioner in the vinyl studio walls--but he is not interested in trying to do that with the glaze booth since we are so close to leaving. The promise of a real studio connected to the home we plan to build is what sustains me through the trauma of leaving the home we built 28 years ago and love so much.

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