Sunday, April 29, 2007

on the spot

A week or so ago a woman called and asked if I would come to her church to do a pottery demonstration. I knew that it was not uncommon for churches to ask a potter to do this--there is a reference in Jeremiah comparing the potter's work on the wheel to God's work in our lives. I also knew it is hard to get a volunteer for these events. Some how I let all that persuade me to agree to do the demonstration if she could provide a wheel--I did not want to risk damaging my wheel by moving it. She did find a portable wheel. Of course, by then I was sorry I had agreed to participate. Then I remembered that she had said that the church is in Castroville (about 35 miles from my home), that they wanted me to be there Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, and that she had said, "we only need about a 5 minute demo". How foolish can I be? But I had committed and I would keep my promise.

My demos were yesterday and today. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it all was. It is a young church, still growing, many attractive young people very involved in the work of the church. I was perched on the right-hand end of the wide stage facing forward, away from the congregation--they were seeing a 3/4 view of me and my work. I was left to throw my pots through all of the service (I had squawked a bit at the suggestion of a 5 minute demo). The comparison of the work of God on our lives to the work of the potter at the wheel was made a couple of times but other wise I felt quite inconspicuous. And I very much enjoyed listening to the teachings on spiritual formation while I threw my pots.

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