Monday, April 09, 2007


The kiln-god was busy in my behalf over the weekend. I had nightmares of the lids being glazed to the pots and repeatedly called on the kiln-god to protect the two casseroles. You can not imagine my surprise or my delight when I reached into the warm kiln Sunday morning and hesitantly tried to lift the lid on the closest casserole--and it came right up--not even slightly stuck! Oh, my gosh, and then the same experience with the other casserole! And besides that, the glazes were nice and even--I'm so tired of getting 'curtaining' on all my glazed pieces. I had sprayed the casseroles and the covering was great.

Next firing I am going to try including the whole kiln load in my pleas for the kiln-god's intervention! Those two casseroles that I was so concerned about and which seem to have been protected by a greater power were the only unmitigated joys! One of my experimental platters cracked across the mid-section, another slumped a bit in the middle, and the third did not take the glaze as well as did the casseroles. I had 9 rice bowls in the firing that I used as glaze test pieces. I put 2 different glazes on each so I could see how the glaze did on larger pieces, how they overlapped and how the various combinations might work together. Well, I can see how they work on larger pieces but none of the combinations is very attractive. Though I gained more than lost on that experiment, they could have come out as little jewels and they did not!

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