Monday, April 02, 2007


I just unloaded the bisque firing. Bisque firings are usually not very special. No color, nothing final, just a step along the way. But this was exciting BECAUSE I had expected several of the handbuilt pieces--and my little squash pot that I dropped and badly dented--to have cracks and worse. But, amazing, no cracks! Everything is intact!

Today I mixed up 7 glazes to try out on this bisque batch. Can't do anything tomorrow as I am working at SSAC in the morning and doing grandmother duty in the afternoon. So I can't glaze until Wednesday--when it is expected to be raining. Today was gorgeous, a great day to set up outside to spray glaze but the pieces were not ready nor the glazes. Hope the predictions for rain on Wednesday are off by a day or two. I'd love to get these glazed and into the glaze firing this week.

Speaking of rain--we have had SO much rain. Hard to get my greenware dry enough to fire. But every living thing outside is very happy about it. The whole world is a wonderful green--makes you happy just to look outside!

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