Friday, April 06, 2007

finally firing

I thought I would be glazing on Wednesday. I started carrying pieces to be glazed out to the carport where I would spray glaze. But I didn't get very far. So I planned to do the glazing on Thursday. Thursday morning I took my glazes and equipment I would use to the carport--that is many trips in and out of the house. But I had a couple of commitments mid-day and by the time I got home there was no point in starting the glazing then. So today, Friday, I finally started on the glazing. I began about 9:30 am--that is about as early as I start anything--and had finished the glazing, the kiln loading, and the putting-away-everything by about 7:30 pm! A LONG day!

I am familiar with the tradition of making a 'kiln god' to guard over and bless each firing. And that appeals to me. And I always intend to make a kiln god and participate in the tradition on the next firing. But by the time I get the kiln loaded I am so exhausted and relieved I never remember to do the kiln-god thing. This week I saw a film from Japan--all in Japanese--which showed the beginning of a kiln firing in which all the participants bowed to the kiln and went through a little ritual of thanksgiving for the clay and request for blessing on the firing. I determined, again, to do something in that vein with my next firing. But I did not. I was so intent on cleaning up--a huge job--before I collapsed that I never gave it a thought until just now as I began to write about starting this firing. Is it too late to request a blessing on this firing? I do so hope to have happy results when I open the kiln on Sunday.

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