Thursday, April 26, 2007

the old saw

Where did that phrase come from? But anyway, it is right, the old saw that says if you are blocked just get out into the studio and do something--anything. And sure enough it turns the juices on, ultimately!

I am on a kind of roll. I have a lot of things in the works--not ready to show them off--but it has me pretty excited. I've got some pots to glaze and quite a few to bisque fire. But what has me kind of excited is that some of the pieces that are ready for the bisque fire have serious decoration work already in the works.

And I have lots of 'experimental' work going on. That is where growth comes from--playing around, experimenting, just trying something out to see what will happen if...

Not much of a post, but like just getting oneself into the studio, it is something and it may get me started!

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Tony Clennell said...

Gay: thanks for your well wishes. i looked at your work and it is far above the caliber of many that are supposed hot shots. If there ever is a academic job opening in San Antone let me know I luved it there. Best to you and Jim bob. Have a pinot Grigio for me sometime in the fall when all I have is beer and rice.