Tuesday, May 15, 2007

a universal experience, it seems

I enjoy keeping up with some potters around the world through their blogs. It seems to keep me stimulated and encouraged. Yesterday an English potter, whose work I like and whose blog I enjoy, wrote about opening his kiln. His experience was familiar:

"As ever when unpacking a kiln I tend to look upon the losses rather than appreciate the successes, so it'll be the next couple of days when I get to know the pots, that I'll be able to make a valued judgement." Douglas Fitch

Douglas has been potting for many years, I believe, and he does very nice work so it was encouraging to see that even the seasoned potters have the same ups and downs I have. Though now that I think about it--perhaps it should be discouraging to see that even seasoned potters have the same ups and downs! No relief in sight!

I have been throwing a bit. Have several pieces from the end of last week and now a few more from this week. These are larger pieces so I will soon have enough for another bisque firing. I have enough pots already bisqued to fill the kiln for a glaze firing--but I guess it will wait a bit longer! It is just too close to the last glaze firing to do another round of glazing, it seems.

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