Friday, June 08, 2007

continued from post below...

I made some little "soy ewers" that I am fond of--four of them--and, happily, 2 came out very nice. The 2 that I had put the new 'red' glazes on came out very stony--unpleasant to touch. I would have been happy with them if they were smooth even though they are brown! I would have thought that the overfiring might have made them glassier instead of stony. Oh, so much to learn. But right now it feels like I am on a pretty fast learning curve!

And there was one more 'learning piece' in this firing. It is a large pedestal bowl--a fruit bowl or even a punch bowl, maybe. I messed it up with my glaze application--of a second glaze over the first. But I am happy with the details on the pot and will probably repeat that design. Here is a look at the details I liked.

If I had not put the second glaze on top of the first I think I would have been very happy with this piece. As it is, I am not!

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