Wednesday, June 06, 2007

glazing and glazing and glazing

I have a backlog of bisqued ware to glaze and fire. Since glazing is such a chore and one that I am very insecure about, I have managed to find lots of things to do lately rather than the glazing. I spent several days mixing glazes--some new glazes in test size batches and some tried and true glazes in larger batch size quantities. Finally, however, I had to start glazing or give up potting altogether! I began glazing yesterday and by noon today had enough glazed pieces to fill one kiln load. It will be fun to open this kiln as I have lots of tests and experiments in glazes as well as forms. I probably still have 2 more kiln-loads of ware ready to be glazed! The glazing set-up is going to stay in place in the carport until I get all of this glazed and fired. Then it will be OK to get back on the wheel!

I can probably open the kiln tomorrow evening--though it may not be until Thursday morning--and then I will photo and post anything I am happy to show off!

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