Friday, June 08, 2007

disappointing, but not devastating

Well, I had high hopes for this last firing. I was testing some new glazes and materials in the hopes of getting a redish glaze at ^6--my firing range. But all I got was brown--not even redish-brown! So that was disappointing. And I had a very nice looking teapot in the kiln with a lovely green glaze on it. The green glaze slid off the pot and formed a beautiful green pool at the base fastening the pot to the tile under it forever. It also completely fused the lid to the pot. Too bad it really looked nice!

On the brighter side there were some successes. I have 6 nice salad plates and 5 nice rice bowls that fired very well. And they are a nice weight and have smooth rims--techniques I've been having a lot of trouble with lately. So that is satisfying! To be continued.

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