Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I got the kiln loaded Monday morning and it was firing by noon. Finally!

I had tried to fill the kiln on June 12 but could not "fill" it. Our friend Mary Allman arrived that afternoon and was here for a week. I did not try to complete the pre-firing work while she was here. I had found it very frustrating when I tried to get enough pieces glazed on the 11th and 12th to start the firing so I knew I did not want to try to do it while we had company--and besides we were enjoying her visit too much to spoil it with that frustration. After she left, there were several family demands that prolonged my procrastination. Monday morning Jim left for Santa Fe--to be gone for about 10 days--and I got busy filling that kiln! Finally!

Today I unloaded the kiln. And it was a very happy experience. Finally! There were NO disasters! One disappointment but it was the fault a poor choice of glaze combinations and not a fault of a glaze not working right or the kiln over or under firing! So I am a happy camper today. Unfortunately, Jim took the camera with him when he went to Santa Fe so I can't post any photos. I may do that after he returns if it still seems appropriate. In the meantime, I am trying to glaze another kiln load and get it fired before his return. I've also returned to the wheel--my reward for finally getting the kiln loaded and fired! I've had a good time yesterday and today working on the wheel. I should try to analyze what it is about throwing on the wheel that means so much to me and is so satisfying! Perhaps I'll do that one day and post the result of that inquiry here!

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