Friday, July 20, 2007

good times

It is good times...even though the car and truck are loaded to the brim with tent, tables and boxes of ware for tomorrow's craft fair and the weather man says we have 70% chance of thunder storms and heavy rain--just like we've had for the last 2 months! Jim and I have about decided we will be unloading the vehicles tomorrow here at home, forsaking the sale! Putting up a tent in the rain is no fun and the rains we've had today and recently are hard, heavy rains--not sprinkles. And even if we got the tent set up before the rain or in between the rains, there will not be crowds of shoppers eager to get out under umbrellas to shop for arts and crafts! So, too bad! But Jim is wonderfully positive--look at all the work I got done which is now ready for the next show (in October!)

And I did get some good work done. Two great happenings over the last week or two. One, I have made a giant step forward in my glazing skills! The last 3 kiln loads had not one disaster! Not even a disappointment! I am hugely happy about that!

And then, two, the final load that I opened this morning was full (not really full, it was a light load) of RED pieces! I've been trying to get RED in a cone 6 glaze for 2 or 3 years without success. Now I've got red! I was not really trying for red--just a nice rich brown but I did use a new red iron oxide and I did use the firing schedule that my friend, Sandy Miller, suggested for getting red--and low and behold I got red. (Can you tell how excited I am about that?) This is another of the pierced bowls that I am enjoying making these days--but this one is RED!

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