Tuesday, July 17, 2007

resulting in better results

I am very happy to report that the last 2 glaze firings were very satisfying. There was not a single unwanted run of the glaze, there were no pinholes or crawling of the glaze! Wow!

Of course, there are folk who would wish for a run or something that would make this piece a bit more interesting! I am sure that will come--but for now I am so happy to not have things I don't want on the pot that I am not too worried about what I might wish it to have


Ron said...

Hi Gay, This is the first time I have visited your blog. For some reason I have missed the link when you commented on my Potter's Journal. So I was glad to find it even though I did so via England (Andrew's Blog). I'll be checking in more often now. Very nice pedestal bowl. Good form and glaze also. Best,Ron

Sister Creek Potter said...

What a treat to have you drop in for a visit, Ron! This is a big day for me--your visit AND I got red in a cone 6 glaze today! I've been trying to get that for years! If it weren't raining cats and dogs here right now I would be looking forward to the outdoor craft fair I'm showing in tomorrow! But the word is it will rain all night and more tomorrow! What luck. Gay