Tuesday, July 31, 2007

finding support

I start my day with a cup of coffee sitting at my computer. I take a quick look at the news, check my email and spend quite some time reading blogs--mostly by other potters--and finally reading the discussions on Clayart. The blogs are frequently a source of stimulation, encouragement and support for me in my own pottery work.

This morning I was reading the blog of an English slipware potter, Douglas Fitch, that I found very encouraging even though he was describing his frustration on the opening of his last kiln load! I think he has been at his pottery-making for a long time yet today he describes mishaps in his last firing and how discouraging it was to him. Yet, he is charged up to solve the problems and get started on the next round of work! The potter's universal story. I should find it discouraging that such a successful potter is still having these kinds of experiences. Yet, instead, I am encouraged to know that even an experienced potter has these disappointments! How to explain that--even to myself!

I am busy throwing a lot of pieces that I want to use to test out my recent success at getting an iron red glaze. I plan to use several different glazes that have NOT produced the expected red to see if it is true that the most significant factor is the firing schedule--my current theory.

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