Monday, July 23, 2007

win some, lose some

When we woke Saturday morning we were greeted by a tremendous thunderstorm--an incredible downpour. The predictions were that it would continue until around 10:00 (which it did) and then be lighter but continue to rain on and off all day. I called the organizer of the the show and learned that he was offering to hold the show inside the art center. Still we would be unloading the car in the downpour and how many customers would be out shopping on such a dreary day? And the art center is small, filled with equipment, supplies and work of the center. So Jim and I decided we'd pass on participating. Disappointing, given the push to get work done, and packed for the sale, but not devastating. I was still so excited about getting RED that I could not get very upset!

But, hey, the pots were packed and still in the car maybe this is the time to take them to a little gallery in Waring, Texas that a friend from long ago, Abbie Cotrell, has opened--the Guadalupe Crossing Market. Though Abbie had not seen my work she had invited me to show/sell my work in her gallery. We would take the pots to show her and see her gallery.

We could not go on Saturday because the low-water crossings were flooded but by Sunday the water was down enough to cross--so we went.

Waring is just a bend in a country road in the heart of the Hill Country. There are probably less than a dozen buildings. But some interesting things are happening there and Abbie's little gallery is one of the bright spots. She has 3 buildings that she is slowly restoring and turning into a gallery, a coffee shop and studio space. A cute, country place open only on Wednesdays and the weekends.

She liked my work and selected about 3 dozen pieces to show. After we re-packed the remainders, Jim and I went across the street to the General Store where Abbie said they make the best hamburgers in Texas--and they were great. We were sitting under giant trees enjoying our hamburgers and a gentle breeze. Jim was pointing out that there is not a lot of traffic going through Waring, sales might be pretty slow, don't get too excited yet--when Abbie came over to give me checks for the first pieces already sold!

So I am all fired up to start making pots for Clay Ole--the San Antonio Potters Guild show/sale in October--and for the Guadalupe Crossing Market!


Kim from Kansas said...

Enjoying your blog and pottery!

Sister Creek Potter said...

Kim, Thanks for the comment. I love knowing that someone is reading my blog--helps overcome the sense that I am just talking to myself! Gay