Thursday, August 09, 2007

faux pas

I spent the weekend glazing a batch of pots. It took all weekend because I was trying to be very deliberate and mindful of the glazing process. I completed the glazing on Monday morning and started the firing before noon--as always VERY eager to see the results. But before the kiln could be opened I left for a short trip to Houston to visit a friend there--spending the night and returning late Wednesday afternoon.

I was especially eager to see the pots because I was testing all my 'red' glazes to see which responded to the new firing schedule. I had made 8 small 'vases' to put the various 'reds' on to compare the results on similar pieces. And I had glazed several larger pieces with the glaze that had produced the glorious red in the last firing. I called home Tuesday evening to have Jim open the kiln and describe the contents.

The results: disappointing.

1) Only one part of one of the vases produced the desired red. It was just right where it had been dipped twice--thus was thick--the lower portion is gritty, unevenly colored and not very red.
2) The greatest disappointment--and embarrassment--was the large pieces that should be gloriously 'red' were not. I apparently mis-labeled a new batch of glaze. What I thought was "Touchstone Red" was "Cream Breaking Rust"! It is cream and it does break rust--but that was not what I was wanting!
Expectations kill me every time!I did not get ANY of the glorious red of the last firing. Back to the drawing board....


Ron said...

My expectations get me too Gay. I can see so clearly in my mind what I want and I am yet to get there. I guess it's what keeps me going to the next load and the next. I am testing some new slips and a clay body in my next firing. I am also thinking about rebuilding my kiln in the near future with hopes of starting fresh (no salt glazed walls and roof). Anyhow good luck with the next batch, I'll be checking in.

Emily Murphy said...

I just wanted to let you know that I wrote about/ linked to your blog.

doug fitch said...

Hi Gay
Well they may not be what you're after but they look really good. Glazing - don't we just love it?!

I'll be checking in too, best wishes from England, Doug

Sister Creek Potter said...

What an experience! Three of my favorite 'bloggers' leaving comments on my blog in the same day! WOW. Thanks, guys and gal, for dropping in! Gay