Thursday, August 16, 2007

it's raining, it's pouring

torrents! Raining torrents. And everything outside was already soaked from all the rain we've had this summer! Of course, the studio leaks like a sieve! The first few times it rained like this it caught me off guard and there was water standing across the whole 7 foot width of the studio. The pedal of the wheel was sitting in all that water and afterward did not function. After a couple of days of being dry it repaired itself to my great relief. So I have learned to put the pedal up on the wheel off the floor. I also have put towels and thick pads of newspaper in strategic points to absorb the water and keep most of the studio floor dry.

Even before the rain began this morning I was unable to pot--just could not get anything to come out right. After several attempts at different vessels of different sizes I just gave up. I don't think it helps to push the river. For the last week we have been negotiating to buy a house. I think that preoccupation--or occupation--has had me so distracted and somewhat anxious that I am suffering a potting block! Those negotiations are complete and now we just wait to see if the sale on our property is going to be realized. We will probably spend the Christmas holidays moving!

UPDATE: In the last 3 hours we have had about 7 inches of rain! That is a torrent of rain, right?

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