Sunday, August 12, 2007

the community of blogging potters

I mentioned sometime back how much I enjoy and find support in reading the blogs of potters. Suddenly lots has been developing on the blogging front. I got a note from Emily Murphy that she had expanded her list of pottery blogs--and put my blog on her list! Wow, that was really exciting. Then I've received notes from some of my favorite potters that let me know they were checking in on my blog from time to time. Then I learned that one of my great far-away potter friends, Tony Clennell in Canada, has started a blog! I look forward to keeping up with his upcoming semester in China. (Notice that I have now added a list of my favorite pottery blog sites to the side bar on this blog.) I love being part of this network of blogging potters!

Today Abbie Cotrell came by to pick up a few more pieces to display in her gallery, Guadalupe Crossing Market in Waring. She is always so complimentary and enthusiastic about my work that it is very inspiring! Back to the wheel! I've been a bit of a slacker the last week or so.

I am still a bit perplexed by the last firing--the one in which I was testing all my red glazes. I have to do that again. I can't understand why I would get such great red's one week and none the next! The only difference that I can identify is the rain we were having--giving very high humidity. Last week was dryer--more typical of our summers. I read a quote from Abe Lincoln that I have now added to the layout of the blog as I think it especially appropriate for all us pottery addicts: "Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm." So I shall enthusiastically get going on another 'red' firing!


doug fitch said...

Gay, that's a brilliant quote, it had me laughing out loud. Doug

Sister Creek Potter said...

Well, it is funny in one way. But in another way it is scary because it is so true of us potters! How do we explain that drive in ourselves? I am eternally grateful for it no matter the source!
Thanks for sharing your reaction! Gay

Taylor said...

Hey Gay!

I didn't realize that you were a bloggidy blog blog. Yeah. I'm going to check out all the other blogger potters.

I'm planning on coming up for Gruene. Can we stay in your garage?