Friday, August 17, 2007

and now the rains have gone (I hope)

The sun is out but it does not seem to have cured the pottery block. I did a little trimming on a piece I started yesterday and seem to have made some headway. Of course, it has a long way to go yet--drying and firing twice and glazing! No assurances yet!

I had expected to be back in the studio today working full steam ahead inspired by our 6^ glaze group get-together last night. It was the first attempt at getting a group started since the group I initiated a year or so ago fell flat on its face! I had imagined a sort of research group studying glazes and glaze materials. That was not what the others had in mind. Lives are so busy these days, few are looking for more to do! This time Herb suggested that we just get together to talk about glazes and our experiences. No high tech, no assignments, no work--just good fellowship! And it was very pleasant getting to visit with people who are as enthusiastic as I about their pottery experiences. Unfortunately, several perspective members were unable to attend because of the rain and flooding. Nonetheless, we were a group of 7--a nice size group for conversation. And it was stimulating to see and hear about the work others are doing and the different ways that they approach their work.

I might have gotten into some potting if Jim had not come out to the studio as I was finishing my trimming project to suggest we go over to the 'new' house and check on leaks after the heavy rains yesterday and last night. So, I cleaned up and we took off--stopping for lunch on the way home an hour or so later. Now it is nap time!


doug fitch said...

Hi Gay
Sounds like terrible weather. We've had the same here. I'm firing tomorrow and wil doubtless be up to my ankles in mud by the end of the day as the forecast is for rain, rain, rain.

I feel for you with the potter's block - I get it too and the more frustrated I get, the worse it gets! Potting is so much about sensitivity of the finger tips. Hope things get easier.
Best wishes from England

Sister Creek Potter said...

Doug, I wish you sun for your firing. The rains here here only intermittent now but more to come with the landfall of Hurricane Dean! But we will survive...I am sure.

I've taken two days off from potting. I hope the 'vacation' will lift me out of my 'block'.

Another stimulus to recover (but also temptation to vacation) is a wonderful book I received Saturday from Australia: "The Zen Master, The Potter and The Poet" By Milton Moon. What a treasure!

Good luck with the firing. Gay

Ron said...

Gay, We are all hoping for rain here in our part of the world but not quite like you and Doug are experiencing. I am glad you are getting together with others, it is a great thing to do. I often feel like I am off on a desert island. I have to make the effort to contact others and get out to see my clay pals. These blogs have been a great contact too. So I hope all is going well and I'll be checking in.