Monday, September 10, 2007

the challenges

Yesterday I loaded the kiln for a bisque firing. Today I mixed up some new glazes (1000 gm each) and a big batch of an old favorite (8000 gm). It seems like every time I mix up glazes I make some significant mistake. Usually it has to do with manipulation of the triple beam scale. Is that because I had no previous experience working with this piece of equipment? Once I read .8 gram as 8 grams! After scraping away what I could of the excess chrome green oxide I got a great glaze that I have made over and over again! Today I put a 1000 gm weight on the scale when I meant to put a 500 gm weight on! I caught it pretty quick--only had to adjust a 3000 gm glaze to a 8000+ gm glaze! I have a great 'process' developed so that interruptions don't cause problems and I try so hard to be very attentive to what I am doing. Yet I manage to create problems anyway!

Tomorrow I glaze and hopefully I will fire on Wednesday. It is always exciting to get things into and then out of the glaze firing! I keep intending to do some 'developmental' work--throwing a LOT of test bowls to improve my throwing skills AND to have lots of bowls to test glaze-overlapping on--but I have trouble finding the time to do the 'developmental' work because I get carried away wanting to see 'real' things come out of the kiln!

Reading about Andrew moving into his newly purchased home, studio first, has me wondering. I have laid out a plan for my new studio-in-the-garage. I don't need to have a lot of work done before I can get in there but some: some electric outlets, a couple vents and the windows. But I am wondering if I should get more help in planning this than just what I can figure out. I plan to take some of the cabinets and counter tops from our kitchen to use in the new studio--but they gobble up the wall space. There is a lot more space in this garage than I currently have in my studio but not a lot more wall space which is where shelves and such go! A great studio space is a terrible thing to waste!

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doug fitch said...

Hi Gay
Congratulations on your move, your house looks wonderful.

My experience of workshop planning is that you probably won't find out what you need and where you need it until you've been using it for a while. Mine is in a constant state of flux so I guess the thing to do is set it out in a way that makes sense, but be prepared to move it as your needs change and the space develops, so don't screw anything down too tight!

Look forward to seeing your next firing.

Off to Gloucestershire on Sunday, the county of your roots, I'll give it a big hello for you and keep a look out for Cousin Guy!