Tuesday, September 18, 2007

playing with glazes

A friend wrote that he was going to check my blog to see what I had been doing. Oops, I was not sure I was going to report on my last firing because I was not very happy about it. There is really not a single piece that I am proud of in the whole batch. But, as I looked over the out-put today I was interested in what I learned about some of the glazes. I fired the kiln with a hold at the top and a long soak on the way down to try to get good iron red glazes--I was testing two glazes for the iron reds: Berry's Rust and Harris Temmoku. It was the Temmoku that gave me a great iron red in July--but did not do that when I fired it in August. I am happy with the iron red glazes--not sure they are quite as nice as the ones in July, but nice.

The first and third are glazed with Berry's Rust and the second and fourth are glazed with Temmoku--very hard to tell any difference.

The plate is glazed with the Temmoku glaze. I had three pierced pieces in this firing and this the only one I like. The other two are glazed green--and the glaze is OK but the plates themselves are unsatisfactory.

I tested 2 new glazes that were suggested on Clayart. They are totally unsatisfactory on food-carrying pieces but I think would be great on vases or sculptural pieces (which I don't make!) But I will make some vases to see if I am right in thinking they would be nice there.

I had fun experimenting with making these little tripod footed vases and soy pitchers. They have a lot of personality! Look quite saucy!

Even though I am not happy with any one piece, I did learn a lot from the experiments! Now I need to get busy doing some 'real' work!

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