Sunday, September 02, 2007

on the move

I am not getting much potting done because of spending my time planning our move. It looks like soon I will be spending my time packing and really getting a move on.

The house does not grab one's attention from the street--it is unpretentious but pleasant. The whole street is covered with the wonderful Live Oak trees so the neighborhood feels quiet, calm and settled.

But the view inside, from the front door, takes my breath away.

The house has a detached 2 car garage in the rear which will be entirely mine to convert to the studio where I will pot and Kenny will paint. You can see a tiny bit of the wall of the garage through the glass door. We will put windows in the wall of the studio facing the terrace so that from my potters wheel I will have the same view as this from the living room. I am very busy figuring out where each piece of equipment, each shelf and table will go. Where do I glaze? Were is the kiln? Where do I store my materials and clay? What work spaces can I create? Where does Kenny work? Where are his paintings stored? I have pages of graph paper with sketches of the space and cut-outs of the equipment and furniture to arrange in the best way. Not getting much pottery made--but I am very excited about my future in this studio! And our lives in this new home!


potterboy said...

Is that your new house? It looks lovely. I know from a previous post that you're not looking forward to leaving your current home, but this looks very pleasant and you're making plans, which is good. It'll come good, I'm sure.

I hope to get some pics of my new place - warts and all - soon and then you can compare. I think you've got it easy.

Good luck with it all though - we're going through similar experiences - not pleasant but it has to be done and it'll be worth it.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Thanks, Andrew! It will come to good, I am sure, too! But there is a lot of work between here and there! I am eager to see your pictures. I tried to find a description of your house by reading back through the past blogs but I could not find anything. I am eager to know about it as well as to see it. Interesting that we are walking the same paths just now! Gay

Emily Adams said...

Gay, the patio is beautiful. Mom lead me to your blog and I really enjoy reading about your potting process. With love, Emily

Sister Creek Potter said...

I have been negligent of my pottery of late. But today I WLLL load the kiln for a bisque firing and hope on Monday to do some glazing and then fire on Tuesday. Our guild has a sale in October and I want to have some work ready to show then. So gotta get to work! Glad you are checking in!