Friday, September 14, 2007

friends around the globe

I don't know why I started this blog. It is a pretty far reaching out for me. Maybe because I was enjoying the blogs of other potters so much, I wanted to get into the conversation. It has been such a surprisingly wonderful adventure for me. Some time back one of my favorite bloggers, Ron Philbeck, wrote about adding to his blog a little map that showed where readers were coming from. Wow, that sounded like a great idea. So I put one on my blog--but I hid it away down at the very bottom of the posts! However, I have had so much fun looking at it day-by-day that I have moved it up a bit--on the side bar under the archive lists. I can't believe that people from all over the world are stumbling onto my blog! I am amazed each time I check it and see someone from South America has checked in, or someone in Africa, or Australia. It is amazing! Today there was a reader from Korea! I have made friends with a couple of potters in England who check me out regularly--and we've struck up a real person-to-person communication. I'm waiting for my first reader from Japan--I've visited there twice and love their pottery traditions and appreciations.

Another plus is getting to share my enthusiasm for pottery with members of my own family. Some of them are in San Antonio--and they probably get an overdose that already! But others are far away: my sister in Maine; my niece in Arizona; another niece in Spain. On the downside, I don't hear from my sister in Maine nearly often enough because now she keeps up with my doings via the blog--but she does not have a blog so that I can't keep up with her doings!

Well, the friends that the blog has brought into my life are definitely another of the blessing I celebrate daily! Thanks for checking in!

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