Tuesday, June 21, 2011


That's me--Absent With Out Leave. For a long time. Lots of quilt feelings. I'm going to give it another try at becoming again a regular blogger.
For some reason, unknown to me, I've not been potting. So if I'm not potting what is there to blog about? But I want to pot (and blog) but just can't make myself get out to the studio and stay there long enough to accomplish any work. I've tried all the tried and try 'tricks' to get back to work: clean the studio; look through all my wonderful ceramic books; visit our wonderful museum's collection of Asian ceramics. I have also availed myself of wonderfully stimulating events: NCECA in Tampa Bay, Florida with my friend Rachelle, which is very stimulating; then I went to Shelby, NC, to meet Ron Philbeck, Doug Fintch, and Hannah MacAndrews--long time blogging buddies who I loved getting to meet (and see their secrets demonstrated); and this last weekend I attended a workshop with Tony Clennell. These were all wonderful experiences. But they did not lead me back to the studio. But I think I have finally found the key back to the studio.
At the workshop Tony shared an analysis of the work of several of the students. He used those pieces to help us see the strengths and weaknesses of the pieces and how to make them more successful. This was a powerful lesson--and very stimulating. Later, when he talked about my pieces, he also suggested some exercises I might do to improve my work. He gave me quite a list of things to do! I have prepared a list of the work he assigned me and I intend to begin tomorrow working through that list! So I have a direction and a challenge!
While Tony was in town I arranged for us to visit the studio of my teacher, Diana Kersey, and to see a wonderful 'public works' project she had just installed on the bridge on Mulberry. It was a real treat for Tony and me to see her work and hear her description of the process she followed to make the work.
The next post will report my success in getting on to the path Tony laid out for me to lead me back into my ceramic work--or there will be no more posts. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Linda Starr said...

You make such wonderful pots I hate to see you give it up, I've got my fingers crossed for you, but no matter what you decide, you could always post about something else and keep your blog alive, cooking, travel, whatever.

Wood It Is! said...

I am so happy that you're back!

Ron said...

Hi Gay, Good to get an update from you here. I saw on Tony's blog where he had met Kenny and also that he was giving the workshop there in TX. I can't wait to see what happens with the suggestions that he gave you. I'd also like to hear more specifically about what he said. I'm always looking for new exercises or ways to stimulate growth.
Fingers crossed!

Judy Shreve said...

YAY - it's so great to get inspiration from someone as wonderful as Tony. I took a workshop from him at MudFire here in Atlanta a couple of years ago. He's so personable & knowledgeable - I still think of some of the things he said.

Glad to see you back & hope to see more blog posts! :-)