Thursday, June 30, 2011

the good grandmother

NOT a studio day today--planning that for tomorrow!

This afternoon/evening our grandchildren, Reed and Jack, came for a visit while their mom and dad had dinner out. So here is a picture of the good grandmother:

That's me behind the camera with a glass of wine in her other hand! Seriously, Jim is a grand grandfather! He is wonderful with the boys--they bring out the best in him! Fun watching 'all the boys" at play!

These little guys are expecting a baby sister in August--though their mom is not sure she will make it till then! We are excited about the coming of this little girl. She will be the 5th grandchild and second girl since the very first grandchild, Lauren, 17 years ago. I always expected and wanted a daughter--I had 5 sons! Me who grew up in a house full of females! So Lauren was a very special delivery as will be this little girl. Not to disparage our three dear grandsons--what fun they are, what energy they have and what boundless enthusiasm!

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