Monday, June 27, 2011

not a studio day

Jim and I spent today trying to define our wishes for the kitchen renovation. Lots of details to address--and agree on. Jim is really a champ. He has said that he wants me to have what I want in the new kitchen. He has said it over and over again--so I know he really means it. Yet he can't help bringing up points I have overlooked or not thought through very well or for which he has a better (different) idea. Of course, my first reaction is defensive. But usually he has observed something that I do need to consider or reconsider! I have gotten a bid for the cabinets from a 'big box' and we have contacted a custom cabinet maker to get a bid from also. So we have a pretty firm plan for the overall project.

Today we had Diana Kersey, my ceramics teacher, over to discuss having her do a ceramic 'back splash' on the wall behind the range--and maybe behind the sink too, if funds stretch that far. Diana does architectural ceramic work and has created some some wonderful work. Most recently she put up her first public work on a bridge here in San Antonio. We are really excited about having her create something great for our new kitchen. We did do our homework and had a proposal for the image theme for the work that I am very enthusiastic about.

I did go out to the studio for a little while today. I trimmed the 3rd bowl and played around with the 3 bowls on the the 4 pedestal bases. I'm trying to keep them moist so I can add more sprigs, attach bowls to bases and cover with slip. I shot a few photos but they were not great and will do better tomorrow or the next day. Diana asked to see the studio and I showed her my "Tony assignment" work. She had a good suggestion: she said I should measure the width of the bowls and compare to the width of the top of the bases and do the same for the height of the bowl compared to the height of the bowl. I was surprised when I was playing around with the various combinations that the shortest base looked really good with the bowls--which I never expected! I thought it was much too short to work with any of the bases. That was what prompted Diana's suggestion that I make those measurement comparisons. So a little addendum to Tony's assignments.
The photo does not do justice to the differences. Better later!

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Bert said...

Cabinets can be expensive. A slab leak caused us to remodel our kitchen. I found a place called "Rockywood Stone and Cabinets" here in Dallas. The cabinets I chose were about $1300 dollars cheaper than the cheapest I could get at the "big box" stores. They were all wood and have all the trim and end panels to give them that finished look. Decided to build and install them myself. They came as "ready to build" kits and we assembled them in the driveway and brought them into the kitchen and installed them. They fit tight and square and we had no problems putting them together. The granite was half of the "big box" price with a stainless steel sink. Never could have afforded what we have had we gone with the "big box". Good luck with your remodel. We've just now finished remodeling our master bath and I know how overwhelming it can be with all the decisions that have to be made.