Tuesday, December 08, 2009

a good day in the studio

Yesterday was a good day in the studio--except for the backache I went to bed with! Probably too good a day after a while out of the studio! But it felt really good to get some work done.

I started off working on a dinner plate that I have been asked to make a set of for a friend. I want to make one (or some) to show her before I get too far into the project. And I want to see if I can really make a set (~16) that are similar in size, design, weight, etc! The first one I made I added slip on the rim to make it into a sort of test tile. I painted slip onto the rim--two different colored slips--and left a section unslipped. Then I will apply the glaze that she thinks she wants and see the effect of the slip.

I made 4 more of the same plate--and will do that again today--to see how similar I can make them, After that, when I was tired of throwing plates, I made a vase that I like a lot.


Linda Starr said...

Great pot, I love the two colors even together they look good. How do you attempt to make the plates the same size, weight the clay?

Ron said...

Hi Gay, Glad to hear that Kenny is doing better. I hope there's been even more improvement since Sunday. Good to see the mark making exercise you did with the brushes. That kind of thing is so intimidating. At least to me. It just takes jumping in there and doing it over and over. Good luck w. the dinnerware order.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Ron, I should have credited you as the inspiration for my 'marks practice' project! Hope I make as much of it as you have!

Linda, I do weigh the clay. Then I push the pad out to a determined size before I open it. Try to keep the base size (pad) the same as I open and then pull up the sides to make the rim. So far they are pretty consistent--but I've only made 3 reall + the test tile plate. I intended to make another 4 plates today--but it took all my time to trim the pieces I had made yesterday. So tomorrow may be the next plate making day.

Trish said...

Gay...I too, like the look of the plate..you are inspiring me to do the same as I have been asked to do a dinner set as well. I have not done that before, so doing a sample is a great idea.
and..I like the vase!
Have a great evening.
Trish from Alberta

Barbara said...

Great lines on the vase and the handles balance so well. I like the texture on the edges of your plates.