Monday, December 21, 2009

holiday party

We had family members--Jim's brothers with mates, his parents and my boys with mates--over yesterday afternoon. I did a bit of cooking--just hors d'oeuvres--for the party and we were inspired to do a bit of holiday decorating outside as well as inside. We have not put up a tree for several years but do have some other decorations to pull out of storage. And we use lots of candles, too.

As I was putting out food yesterday in various of my ceramic wares I thought of taking some pictures--but got busy and forgot to do so once the food was in the 'pots'. It really was fun seeing the tables set with my own work--food and pots! That really is what drives me: making it myself. Just like a two-year old! I never out grew my "I want to do it myself" stage!

Happy Holidays!


Judy Shreve said...

What fun to be able to set your table in fabulous work you have made! Happy holidays to you and your family.

Linda Starr said...

Hi Gay, happy holidays, too bad you forgot to take photos, would have loved to see your wonderful pots with food in them. I too hope to have a table full of my pottery one of these days and of other potters' pots too.

mieke van sambeeck said...

Hi gay,
i was looking for a clear glaze recipe and got directed to your blog(august 09) just wondering if you found your favorite and are willing to share?
love your work.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Mieke, the clear glaze I am happiest with is:
Spodumene 25%
F-4 Feldspar 25%
Silica 25%
Gerstley Borate 25%
Hope you have access to these materials.
It worked very well for me. I think part of the trouble I was having before was putting the glaze on too thick--or letting it pool in places--so that it turned milky. Good luck. Nice to have you visit the blog! Happy New Year.