Friday, December 04, 2009

that's the way it is

Kenny has been sick since the night before Thanksgiving. He is feeling better now but his poor body is not functioning very well. He is very stiff--hard to raise his head, stretch out his arms, or take even a step or two. Very rigid spasticity has always been a problem for him (from his cerebral palsy) but this is so much worse. Next week he will undergo a test to see if injections into his spinal cord might help reduce the spasticity. If not, his life and ours are in for a big change. He is in his wheel-chair all the time now, not able to walk at all even with help.

On Thursday, a couple friends and I drove to Austin to attend a 3 hour lecture on working with ^6 glazes. We were very disappointed. It was really just a 3 hour presentation on a new line of commercial ^6 glazes--for which we paid $20 to attend, not to mention the 3 hour drive over and back.

This morning I went out early to the studio to turn on the heater. I am eager to get back to work. But when I went out again in a couple hours it was still too cold to work out there. We were told we might get snow today--crazy since most of our days lately have been in the 70's and it was not expected to freeze today. But apparently the snow missed us and hit Houston instead. I was not sorry about missing the snow--but I was sorry I could not work today. Maybe tomorrow.

Pretty gloomy post--sorry--but that is the way it is right now!

4 comments: said...

This is so strange but I was thinking about Kenny this morning and thinking I would put up his Christmas picture on my blog soon. I have it saved in a file, I just love it, makes me smile every time I look at it. Hope things take a good turn for him! Hang in there :)

doug Fitch said...

Thinking of you Gay xx

Linda Starr said...

Hoping good thoughts for you and Kenny.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Thanks, dear friends, for the good thoughts. Things don't look so bleak today. It seems that as Kenny is up--albeit in the wheel chair--he is functioning a little better. I expect it will be better day by day. And we have fingers crossed for benefit from the test next week. Thanks again, your good thoughts do mean a lot to me.