Sunday, December 06, 2009

what a difference a day makes

Today Kenny got up on his own and into the shower. That is great news! I was afraid he had taken a big backward step--but it looks like I was just trying to go too fast! A great feeling of relief--you may feel it all the way over there!

Yesterday it was still colder in the studio than I wanted it to be. So I gathered up my brush collection and a sketch pad and played with brushes for a while. I want to be able to 'make marks' on some of my work but need a lot of practice first. I've collected some brushes--some made for me by a friend, some I bought for a majolica class, some I just bought with this project in mind.

I just played around with the brushes, making marks on coarse paper. I took a brush and 'doodled' with it making different kinds of strokes then made a note of which brush produced those marks. I went through my whole collection--now I have a reference for which brush does the best job of which kind of marks.

Then I tried copying a painting from a China painting book I have. Lots of fun. Maybe even helpful in moving me along the path of 'making marks'!


Judy Shreve said...

So glad to hear that Kenny is doing better today! That is good news. Your drawing looks great!

I use radiant oil-filled heaters in my studio -- they are electric & can be found at most home depot type stores. I find they aren't too expensive to run.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Thanks, Judy. I have an electric heater out there that is usually adequate--but it has been colder the last few days than usual--especially this early in the season. I will check on the oil-filled heaters--I think mine is pretty expensive to run.

I am so relieved with Kenny's improvement today over yesterday. I guess I kinda panicked! Hoping the test on Thursday gives us some positive information.

chaetoons said...

Mornin' Gay
Glad to hear that Kenny is "up" this morning. Know that is quite a relief for you.
On heaters: Saw an ad on tv about a new Ace Hdwe heater which is spoze to heat a whole room well. For what it was touted to be, the price wasn't too steep. Unfortunately, the ad only ran once and i didn't get the particulars - but it sounded like something i would check in to for my garage and kilns, etc.
Hope Kenny continues to improve.
Heaps o Hugs

Linda Starr said...

Great news about Kenny, I'll keep my fingers crossed for the test. What a great idea to practice brush strokes. I must try some of this too. I have a sketch book but have only been using ink for sketches of pots. thanks for the inspiration.

Sister Creek Potter said...

CVhae, the studio was comfortable today--as it was all last winter--but even Jim suggested we look for additional heat source so I can work through the winter season.
Linda, I have to thank Ron Philbeck for the 'practice' notion! He practiced his drawing every morning long before he began putting those wonderful images on his pots.
This community of ours is wonderful! Yes?
Thanks for dropping in!

Barbara said...

Great brushes! especially the 2 on the right. Maybe getting new brushes would be the incentive I need to practice. Nice flowing strokes on your China painting.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Barbara, thanks for your comments. The 2 on the right were made by my friend. But I am having trouble finding how to use them. The bristles are so long they don't make nice turns for me. I can't get control of them. Do you have any hints?