Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eva's photos

Thanks, Linda. When I re-read your instructions I found the step I was missing--now it works!


Linda Starr said...

Cool, the booth looks great and so does your work. Where did you get those nifty shelves?

Sister Creek Potter said...

Linda, the first year that I was going to have a booth I asked my husband to make me some shelves for which I had pictures. Instead, he looked on the web and found these at the Container Store. They fold flat and I can get all 4 plus the boxes of ware and sundry needs in the back of my car! But they are heavy (metal). I can pick up the small ones but need him to carry the tall ones or someone to help me carry them, But they are very nice and we use them at home in the meantime! (Everything has a story!) said...

I'm really happy for you that you sold some things, always nice to have validation for our work isn't it! Congrats, sound like you had a bunch of fun, now get back in that studio!!!
BTW, is Kenny working on a new holiday painting for us? I still have the one from last year in my files, I may have to post it soon on my blog :)