Friday, November 06, 2009

some of the fruits of the fire

I did not have a packed kiln. Here are a few of the pieces from the long, slow firing.
A compote--about 6+" high and 10" wide

A serving plate: about 10 1/2" wide

A gravy boat: about 4" high and 5" wide

A small pitcher: about 7" tall


Sister Creek Potter said...

These pictures are for Linda and Andrew. I'll put up more later. You guys are great for hanging with this occassional blogger--need a deadline so I can be more faithful! Maybe....

Linda Starr said...

Gay, thanks so much, those are wonderful, especially the plate, love that combo, the glazes are so creamy, which I could be there in person, hope you have a great sale.

Barbara said...

Beautiful colors. I'm glad your long firing turned out so well.
Great gravy boat.