Thursday, November 12, 2009

a nice showing

The guild's sale was very nice. There was a great collection of work--mostly ceramics but a bit of textiles and some jewelry, too. My friend, Eva, and I shared a booth. She took pictures of our booth and sent them to me but I don't know how to take the pictures from an email and get them into the blog. I took these snapshots here before I packed the pieces to take to the show. We both had 2 shelves--one tall and one short.
I enjoyed seeing potter friends that I don't get to see very often and got to see the work they are doing now--beautiful work. I met a potter, not from San Antonio, whose work I've seen on the web before. Wonderful work. You can see her work at Linda Nowell Pottery
I guess the best part was being fired up to get busy in the studio again. I was flattered that some of my work sold and honored that some of the purchasers were artists whose work I greatly admire!
As I was preparing for the show, I put in more concentrated time in the studio and realized how badly I need to do that consistently. I want to spend lots of time experimenting and exploring. Bur first I've gotta get the studio back into working order!


Linda Starr said...

What fun to meet other potters, your work looks so wonderful, I especially like the teapot and the casserole on the lower right first photo. I just learned how to upload a photo from an email. What I did was open the photo, then click on file and then click on save as, then I saved it to my photos and then I could upload it to my blog as usual, hope that works for you.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Linda, I tried to use your instructions--but Blogger did not like it! Said I used the wrong format....too bad because I'd like to post the whole booth.