Friday, November 06, 2009

well, the firing was fine

Here are the cone packs from the 3 lower shelves (the stand alone was on the top shelf that was very shallow). BTW, I had only one ^7 cone--so what you see are ^5. ^6, and only one ^7 on the middle shelf. Bottom pack on the right:

None-the-less, I will check the lower elements this afternoon. I guess this is an interesting example of 'heatwork=time and temperature'.
The pieces in this firing are fine--I am grateful and very relieved!


Linda Starr said...

beautiful cones,but where are the pieces, I am dying to see some.

potterboy said...

Good news. So what do the pots look like? :)

Good luck with the exhibition. I know what you're saying about making to a deadline - it works for me and without them I don't know where i'd be. If you can't find a way to make without the deadlines, you just need to create more of them. Most potters seem to work this way, as far as I can tell (at least those that don't have shops and so on.)